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"Man’s Best Friend"

    Throughout time, dogs have been our faithful companions. The joy they bring to our lives is immeasurable! We’ve all heard the expression that a dog is a “Man’s Best Friend”. To their owners, they are loving, loyal, forgiving and eager to please. They are our protectors to the end. At times, they run off and won’t listen. What a reminder of myself!
    When God made man, He wanted companionship. He wanted loyal friends, as loyal as our pets are. He has given us the gifts He so much wanted Himself. They are a gift from God, a treasure to be remembered.
    When I started painting dogs, I saw the smiles the paintings brought to people’s faces. The reminder of their pets brought so much joy. I consider it an honour to be given the task of bringing smiles to people’s faces with my dog paintings. I also feel God has directed me to take sometime to reflect on the relationship He wants with man. He wants to be “Man’s Best Friend” -- my best friend and yours.
Robert Bishop
American Eskimo #002
Airdale #001
Black Labrador Retriever 1 #003
Bichon #005
Black Labrador Retriever 2 #006
Bernaese Mountain Dog #004
Black Poodle #009
Black Labrador Retriever 4 #008
Black Labrador Retriever 3 #007
Border Collie #011
Boxer #012
Boston Terrier #010
Cairn Terrier #015
Bulldog #014
Brittany Spaniel #013
Chocolate Labrador 1 #017
Chocolate Labrador 2 #018
Cavalier King Charles #016
Doberman #021
Dachshund #019
Golden Retriever 2 #024
Golden Retriever 1 #023
German Shepherd #022
Dalmatian #020
** Indicates a painting created by both Robert and Deanna Bishop