Face To Face
    Daily, we come face to face with who we are and who we are meant to be. As I prepared to paint, my mind wandered into the cool of dawn. The darkness of night lingered, as fear tried to consume my innermost thoughts. This was a place I would never forget.
    I was in the presence of a creature who moved with more confidence than I had ever seen. He came closer and closer. What do I do? Do I run? Do I hide? For a brief moment, our eyes met. In that brief split second, I knew what I was to do. In his eyes, I saw his courage to face a daily struggle for survival in an ever-changing world. I felt God all around me. The cougar looked away and went on, but left me with a message. Do not be afraid.
    As I painted, especially the eyes, I came face to face with the realization that I had much more to do in my life. I was afraid to press on and move forward. I know that I am not alone. The courage and confidence to truly succeed comes only from God. I believe God has given every person a purpose, a direction and a destiny. Like the cougar, we can have the courage to survive in this ever-changing world. Psalms 31:24 says: “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” Trust and believe that God’s strength from within can become your courage. Press on and press forward. You can because God can!
By Robert Bishop
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